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About Me

Hi I'm John Dalziel. I'm a Scottish software engineer, writer and speaker .

I've spent much of my life working with interactive digital media — anywhere technology and graphics overlap. My career (or should that be career?) has been a long and interesting journey from drawing to DevOps. From left brain to right brain and back again.

I'm now in my 50's and starting to make sense of it all by looking back at some old projects. In some ways it's a portfolio of work, but I'm not looking for work. I've tried to pull some useful insights from each of these experiences. I hope there’s something useful in there for everyone.

At least half of the projects pre-date the web, so they should at least be new to most people. You'll find stuff in there from the Atari demoscene, the early UK video games industry and the near forgotten world of printed RPG fanzines.

About the Website

The history of crashposition.com is quite long and varied. It was my first domain on the web and it has at various times been, a blog, a portfolio and a hub for web experiments. It's been dormant for while, so it's been nice to breathe some life back into it again.

I've collected about a dozen projects here. I might add more in the future if anyone finds them useful. Most of these are personal, but I've included a few interesting commercial projects as well.

This site also hosts an annual collection of desktop wallpapers and calendars. This is an ongoing project that started in January 2000. All the images you see on the home page come from this archive.

I've built this site using open source tools and projects. A big thank you from me to the people behind Astro , Vite , Vue, GSAP and PixiJS.

About your Privacy

I use a privacy focused analytics tool to understand my website traffic. It doesn't use cookies and anonymises personal information. It also complies with the GDPR, ePrivacy (including PECR), COPPA and CCPA standards.

Licencing of Images

The images in the wallpaper project are free to download and use for non-commercial use. If you would like to licence an image for a commercial project we can work something out. Please contact me on Mastodon or email john at this domain.

Creative Commons Licence