Calendar Wallpaper

An Excercise in Longevity

2000 – present


Calendar Wallpaper
Calendar Wallpaper
Calendar Wallpaper

The Project

I've been posting monthly desktop calendar wallpaper since launched. The site has evolved a lot since January 2000 and only the blog and wallpaper have remained. The blog and calendars moved to The Computus Engine for about a decade. The calendars moved back here in 2022.

If you would like to download this month's desktop calendar you'll find it here.

What I worked on

Every year I look through my photos and pick 12 shots. Then for every month I produce:

  • A downloadable, desktop wallpaper, in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios.
  • The wallpaper includes a calendar for the month with a few notable events.
  • I also make the original image available for download.

What I learned

Longevity is interesting. This project has now become an exercise in longevity. At the time of writing I'm 22 years in and have produced a wallpaper every month since January 2000.

Keep it simple. The only reason this project has lasted so long is the goals are simple and achievable. I can produce one image, once a month and still have a life, change careers, move house, get married have kids, etc...