Calendar Wallpaper

Calendar Wallpaper

02000 to present

The Project

  • Produce a downloadable, desktop wallpaper image, every month.
  • The image should contain a calendar for the month and a few notable events.

Project background

I launched in January of 2000 as a personal blog and it was there that I started posting calendars. The site later evolved into a place where I could experiment with new web technologies, outside of client work. Not many of those experiments survive but the one ritual I did manage to keep going throughout all of those changes was to produce an annual set of monthly wallpapers. The calendars moved to the Computus Engine for about a decade and then move back again in 2022.

What I learned

This project has now become an exercise in longevity. At the time of writing, I’m 22 years in and have produced a wallpaper every month since January 2000. I think the only reason this project has lasted so long is the goals are simple and achievable. I can produce one image, once a month and still have a life …change jobs, move house, get married, have kids… and everything else that has happened along the way.